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We needed new roofing and got quotes from a few companies. I have to say though, that Hansons Windows offered me the best product and price. I couldn't have been more impressed with the Hansons Windows roofing installers that came out. They were polite, clean, and did a heck of a job. You bet I'll be calling 1-800-HANSONS again soon to get my vinyl siding done as well.

I am happy with my Hansons Windows experience, and wanted to share so that others needing new roofing could read about the satisfaction they could also have. Thanks.

Mark E. -Kalamazoo, Michigan

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You have a wider range of choices for your roof today than you did when your current roof was put on. Now there are new, longer lasting, algae resistant and high wind resistant materials. You have new colors to choose from as well as fresh styles that look more elegant and natural. The team at Hansons Windows of Lansing will thoroughly explain your roofing options to you from styles to materials and everything in between, to be sure that you get the right roof for your home.

There are certain tell tale indicators that a roof needs replacing. They are as follows:

•Age of the roof: The normal life of a roof is roughly 15 years depending upon the quality and maintenance of the roof. After this time reports of leaks and torn flashings become much more common.
•Missing or torn roofing shingles: If the number of missing tiles and shingles is high then it is better to replace the roof, than attempting to repair it.
•Condition of home's interior walls: In cases where there is loss of paint, or marks from moisture on the walls (this indicates that water is seeping in) then it is time for the roof to be replaced.
•Extreme weather conditions: The largest cause of accelerated roof deterioration is its exposure to repeated and prolonged snow, hail, rains, and direct sunlight. In areas where any one or a combination of these is found, the life of a roof is shortened.

Aside from the causes mentioned above a roof can also fail due to faulty design or improper material used in its construction. Roofing replacement is a serious job. Look for an established, licensed roofing company like Hansons Windows of Lansing then:
•Request at least two references and visit work performed by the contractor in the past couple of years.
•Ask to see certificates of insurance to be sure both liability and workers' compensation insurance coverage is carried, and are in force during the time the roofing work is being done.
•Insist on a detailed, written estimate clearly stating the scope and details of all the work.
•Carefully review and understand any roofing warranties and consider all conditions that might void it.
•Expect your contract to include a schedule for when all roofing work is to be finished.
•Be skeptical about bids considerably lower than others for the same job. A contractor might seem very competitive because of a low bid; however, they may be uninsured and may perform substandard work.

Click here and an adviser from Hansons Windows of Lansing can visit your home at your convenience to assess your home and discuss roofing options.

"Dear Brian: Hanson Windows put a new roof on our house on Monday, May 3rd, 2010. We are writing you this letter to let you know how impressed we were with the crew we had. They did an excellent job! They were very professional, friendly and courteous; honestly, we can't say enough good things about them. Our neighbors even commented on what a nice job they did. And not only did they do a great job on the installation of the roof but the clean up was remarkable. They picked up all the debris, went around and made sure all the nails were picked up, cleaned marks off the vinyl siding and wiped off the window sills, swept the driveway and walk and raked the flower beds and grass. I asked one of the guys if they did this at every job and he said yes, they leave every Hansons Windows job site in the same condition as when they arrived. I told him that they were cleaning off spots on the vinyl siding that were there before they arrived. You can be very proud of this crew and because of this experience we will be more than glad to recommend Hansons Windows to our friends and neighbors. Kudos to the crew!"

---Ed & Karen G., Lansing, MI

"Sir, your Hansons Windows roofing crew put a new roof on my home and I just want you to know what a great job they truly did! It's so nice to see a crew that is 120% on the job. I am going to talk to Tac about getting some screen doors and insulation put in my home soon. I am sure the men that will do this work on my home will do a great job like your roofing crew did. Thank you, and please thank your crew for me please! Tac and Katie were great, too! Once more, if any of my friends or family needs work like this, I'll be sure that Hansons Windows will be the company I tell them to go to! Thank you so much for hiring such GREAT people!"

---Philip S., Lansing, MI


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